All-in-One WP Migration User Guide

All-in-One WP Migration plugin exports your current WordPress website into a backup – an archive file with the .wpress extension, which then you can import in any WordPress site.

The plugin is a convenient solution for keeping regular backups of your website(s) for many different purposes or just transfer website from one domain to another.

All-in-One WP Migration appears in WordPress dashboard left panel when successfully installed, as well as in the list of plugins:

For more details about installing the tool, you can visit:

This tutorial contains details about:

  • All-in-One WP Migration Backups Page
  • Export Using All-in-One WP Migration tool
  • Import Using All-in-One WP Migration tool
  • Reporting Issues
  • All-in-One WP Migration Video Tutorials
1. All-in-One WP Migration Backups Page

Backups page is accessible through the Backups option in the plugin menu:

Backups page shows the content of ‘ai1wm-backups’ folder in ‘/wordpress/wp-content/ai1wm-backups’. The folder is automatically created by All-in-One WP Migration tool after it is installed. If the plugin does not have sufficient permissions to create it, it will output e notice to the screen:

‘All in One WP Migration is not able to create [your-path-to-wordpress/wordpress/wp-content/ai1wm-backups] folder. You will need to create this folder and grant it read/write/execute permissions (0777) for the All in One WP Migration plugin to function properly.’.

This means that you will need to create the folder manually and provide (0777) permissions for it by yourself.

‘ai1wm-backups’ is used for keeping created backups on your server/local space. The files have extension ‘.wpress’.

Backups are listed sorted by the time of their creation in descending order – your latest backup will be at the top of the list. Names are generated using the logic “[your-wordpress-site-name]-YearMonthDate-HourMinuteSecond” at the moment of the backup creation.

Creating a backup and keeping it inside this folder is initialized when choosing option ‘File’ from the Export menu, described in Step 2 of this guide. You can also copy and paste backups inside ‘ai1wm-backups’ folder via a local file manager or FTP/SFTP application and it will be listed inside this page as well. Please note that if you put files with extensions other than ‘.wpress’, they will not be shown in the list.

How to label backups:

For each of the files on Backups page, you have three available options: Download, Restore and Delete :

Option ‘Download’ lets you download selected backup to your computer. If you use a local host, the file will be put in your directory dedicated for downloads.

Option ‘Restore’ will start the process of importing the selected backup into your current WordPress site:

Option ‘Delete’ will delete the selected backup from the ‘ai1wm-backups’ folder:

On the bottom of the backups list, you will see a button ‘Create Backup’:

This button is used for quick access to export functionality and will redirect you to Export page. Process is described in Step 2 of the present guide.


2. Export Using All-in-One WP Migration
2.1 Export Additional Settings

To use export functionality and export settings go to Export page from the all-in-One WP Migration dropdown menu:

On the Export page you can start the export.

There are some additional settings available for you on this page, that you can use before starting the export process.

Find <text> Replace with <another-text> in the database

This option finds a text in website’s database and replaces it with another on all places for as many pairs – find/replace, as you add. Normal website migration does not suggest using this option because the plugin will take care of renaming the elements of the site to the URL that you import to. This is an advanced feature that should be used with care by people that understand the construct of the WordPress database. Please bear in mind that this change can affect your user access details to the site – be careful what you replace.

Under advanced options menu you can also find some additional options for excluding some data from your backup:

Below options should not impact the success of your migration:
– Do not export spam comments
– Do not export post revisions
– Do not export inactive themes*
– Do not export inactive plugins*
– Do not export Cache*
*Available with premium extensions only. Not seen on the free community version.

Below options will lead to an incomplete migration:
– Do not export media library (appropriate to use if you want to troubleshoot the backup but you will have no images etc. in the export)
– Do not export themes (use to troubleshoot if your theme is preventing a backup or restore)
– Do not export must-use plugins (use if you are having issues or moving hosting)
– Do not export plugins (use to troubleshoot issues or exclude all plugins)
– Do not export database (this means that your site backup will not contain any posts, pages, media or content from the one you are exporting from – use for troubleshooting only)

–Do not replace email domain – If you use an email on your site that is related to your site URL (e.g and your email is and you DO NOT want that email to be changed, you can use this option. If you use your domain email to log in, this will remain unchanged after import.

2.2 Export Process

Once you have selected the Export from the above options, you can choose to create an archive using option from the dropdown menu:

All options available from the dropdown menu, except ‘File’ can be used with a combination of All-in-One WP Migration plugin with a corresponding extension installed. For more information about available extensions please visit:

If you chose option ‘File’ the plugin will create a backup of your website inside ‘ai1wm-backups’ folder: ‘/wordpress/wp-content/ai1wm-backups’. This folder is used by the plugin to store all backups created with the ‘File’ option and its contents are available on ‘Backups’ page. Backups names are generated using the logic “[your-wordpress-site-name]-YearMonthDate-HourMinuteSecond” at the moment of their creation.

Choosing one of the options from the Export dropdown menu starts the export process and you will see this window:

The amount of time the export process will take depends on the size of your website data.

And after your export is created successfully and uploaded to your server you should see this message:

This means that export has finished and the backups is available inside your Backups folder. From this window you can also download the backup to your local computer using the Download button.


3. Import Using All-in-One WP Migration

*If you are importing a website on a new server, please refer to Step 3.3 of the present guide first.

3.1 Import Process

To use import functionality go to Import page from the all-in-One WP Migration dropdown menu:

Once you have chosen the option, the application takes you to the Import page:

From this page you can select from where you want to import a backup using the dropdown menu:

All options available from the dropdown menu, except ‘File’ should be used with a combination of All-in-One WP Migration plugin with a corresponding extension installed. For more information about available extensions please visit:

If you chose ‘File’, the plugin will open a window showing your local files and folders and will let you chose a backup for import from there. This option is very convenient if you have a backup which is not in Backups and you need it imported in an optimal manner.

Choosing a backup to restore starts the import process:

The import has an additional step which warns you that your website will be overwritten by the new backup including database, media, plugins and themes. This is the last step from which you can cancel the process. After pressing ‘Proceed’ you cannot stop the import process anymore. The amount of time the import process will take depends on the size of your website data.

When finished, a successful import will display this message:

At this step, it is recommended to click on Permalinks Settings link and save your permalinks twice in order to save them and generate .htaccess file.

3.2 Backup size

Please note that the free community product – All-in-One WP Migration supports import for backups less than 512MB. This notice is included in Import page and contains a link to All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension. It extends the functionality of the plugin with adding support to import larger backups:

For more information about All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension, please refer to:

Once you have migrated your site you will need to log in with the username and password of the site that you imported. The users and passwords from the old site have been migrated to the new site so you need to use these credentials.

3.3 Hosts and Domains

When importing a website to a new server, the first thing you need is your IP address of the new server you are importing on. Then open your hosts file – this is a system file that you would need to open as administrator. The easiest way to do this is run Notepad application (for Windows users) or any type of document editor you find appropriate as administrator and use it to open the hosts file. In hosts file you need to add the IP address of the server on which you are importing your backup and the actual name of the website you are setting:

[IP address] [www.yourwebsiteURL] [yourwebsiteURL]

Then login into WordPress dashboard on your new server, install All-in-One WP Migration tool on it and import your backup by selecting the backup file location (on your file system, or on any of the supported cloud storages).

After you import the website, go to your domain registrar – where you have registered your domain. There you have to change the name servers (you can take them from your account in your hosting provider for the website) – so they are pointed to the new server, where you have your new website. Inside your account find option for Name Servers and edit the name servers by replacing them with the new ones. Name servers option can be located in different places depending on your provider and in case you do not know its location you would need to seek assistance for your registrar. In some cases these changes take up to 48 hours to take effect, depending on your provider.

Then open again your hosts file – as administrator, and remove the last edited line where your IP address and website URL were added.


4. Reporting Issues

On all pages  of All-in-One WP Migration application you can see a button for reporting issues in right upper corner:

This button opens a window in which you can report about any type of problem you encounter during using the All-in-One WP Migration product or any of its extensions:

Another way of contating us in regards to any issues is sending e-mail directly to

5. All-in-One WP Migration Video Tutorials

Another way of obtaining information how to work with All-in-One WP Migration product and its functionalities is to take a look at our video tutorials.

A video tutorial for more details about how to export/import using All-in-One WP Migration to complete your WordPress migration is:

If you are migrating a site to a new server, this longer video goes through the details about importing on new host more throroughtly:

In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below this article or reach us at


  1. Thomas

    Hello,i can export my wordpress, It doesn’t work, here the error message :
    ” Can not start the export.Please reload the page and try again.”
    Can you help me please.

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Thomas,

      Could you please send a list of all the installed active plugins that you have on your website to
      Also, the error log is located at /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/storage/error.log.
      Could you let us know what you find?


  2. Bogdan

    i love this plugin, congrats for the great job.

    Problem: i need to export a site that has some older .zip backups from two different plugins that make the total exported .wpress almost 40GB big. I can’t access the server to delete the files and am not allowed to make changes to the live site.

    Is there a way to exclude this files when creating the backup?
    I opened the .wpress on my computer and deleted the files, but how do i compress it back to .wpress?

    Thank you

    1. Lesley Arnold

      Sure you can – that is what it is designed for. The plugin gives you a working site on the new domain name after migration.

  3. John Cris

    Please make sure that storage directory /opt/lampp/htdocs/rjhfoods/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/storage has read and write permissions.

    how to fix?

  4. Mary Cilia

    I Love your plugin. It has saved so much time and is so easy to use.
    I just have one comment/request. When the backup or export is restored/imported, it changes email addresses by adding a “www.” in front of the domain.
    I see there is an option on the export to not change the domain in emails, but there are many instances when i want the domain to change (since i’m migrating from a test domain to the live domain), but I wouldn’t want it to insert the “www.” into the domain address.
    If i’m migrating from to it changes emails to
    Is there a way to get it to change the email domain, but NOT add the “www.”?

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for reaching out and your kind words.
      As a workaround, you can re-export from your new site ( ) using Advanced Options (export only database) and Find/Replace (Find:, Replace: ), then re-import again on this new site.


  5. vik

    Please could you let me know the link to download the free extension which puts the import limit back to 512mb. i have used it on one of my sites but now can’t find it anymore.

    1. Yani I

      I am afraid this is not possible. You can only backup your own sites and you need to be able to login with user that has administrator role.

  6. Jeff


    I have used this plugin to successfully import before, but for some reason it’s not working now. I am stuck on the import progress at 0.00% :(. Could you please help?

  7. NgocL

    Which program could open the archive file “.wpress”? I use 7zip and WinRar but could not open and see the file list inside the exported file.

  8. Jenny

    Hi there, I installed “all-in-one-WP-migration” and activated it, but it doesn’t show in my menu panel. That’s why I am not able to use it. Can you help me with that? Thank you!

  9. Bahaa


    I have problem with import file. when i import file to the new site so stopping import fil at 4 % ?

    i do not know why ?


  10. Jimmy


    My export / import file is 230MB and when i import it , it go to 100% then nothing happens. am i supose to whait for a long time?
    Longest i have tried is 1h

  11. Jakub

    I have problem after using all-in-one wp-migrate. I export page to other domain and then I have problem with include css and js files in personalization page. This files have wrong url, becouse there are “/wp-content/plugins”:

    For example(there are about 50 links like that, with css and js files):

    There is:

    Should be (same, but without starting “/wp-content/plugins”):


  12. Josh T

    We have been using this tool for several months and it has exceeded my expectations and has made it very seamless to move from a development environment into production.

    I have an interesting scenario where we are looking to generate exports from various knowledge bases that a client of ours is leveraging. Essentially, they have multiple WordPress websites that we want to extract the data from and import into or main website.

    The issue that we have run into is it seems there is no way to import and append or designate what portions of data we’d like to import. This poses an interesting issue in that every time we go to import it updates the entire database.

    Do you have a way to take multiple exports and seamlessly import into our main website, or is this a limitation of the tool?

  13. Studio

    We have used this tool for a long time – it is excellent.
    Today however there are some issues.

    Importing a site from file does not work. The site theme is broken, has not migrated properly, and also the wp-content folder has not migrated correctly it seems?

    Any suggestions?

  14. Oliver

    The plugin when installed on our website is choosing the maximum post size as opposed to the maximum file upload size, and is restricting our upload size to 128M as a result, the maximum post size allowed my our site. How can we change the plugin code to see the correct size restrictor?

  15. Kleber Melo

    I’m trying to migrate my blog from JustHost to Locaweb (another host) , it has about 990M size.
    I have installed 3 or 4 times the Migration + Unlimited plugin, I followed all the instruction from video, including my local host file. I changed the PHP parameters recommended in a post “What to do if importing is running for too long” and nothing.
    My migration runs till 98% of database update and stop.. I left running form about 12h and didn’t finished …. during this time if i try to access my new server page using another browser window I get error in several different plugging (php files), like download_manager.php, mojo-marketplace.php and others.
    Can you help me?

  16. Neil Gabin

    I love this plugin. I’ve been using it for a while. I recently moved to BlueHost and can’t seem to increase the file upload limit to 512MB using these instructions.

    The Core PHP upload_max_filesize has been set to 512M on the domain.

    I tried Options 1 and get this error when I try and go into WP Admin…
    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request…

    Option 2 doesn’t return an error but doesn’t seem to increase the limit from 64MB to 512MB

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Pooja gopal

    Does this plugin help me migrating my website from a older version of WordPress to a new WordPress version without changing my WordPress version on my new domain??

    1. Pim J. Iliev


      We do not touch your WP version.
      Let’s say you are migrating from WP 4.5 to 5, your destination website will still be using WP 5 after the migration is complete.

  18. Plousios

    I backup from a2hosting and restore on namecheap but after the import is completed, I clicked to save permalinks but I get not found….. What do i do?

  19. Peter L Pihos Jr


    My import has stopped at 39%. I have increased upload max and post max greater than the 170MB file size. Ant suggestions

  20. James

    Hi Pim,

    I’ve been following the thread with issues uploading.

    I am sitting at 0.04% on import and it’s been there for some time.
    My upload is 450MB, the limits o the server for upload is 512MB.
    I have the plugin as listed on Option 4.


  21. lambert

    my file is 136MB. after having increased the maximum upload file size to 200MB (shown on the plugin page) by creating a php.ini file via the cpanel of my provider ‘domainfactory’, the progress bar reaches 100% and then freezes, only option left to click “stop import”.

  22. Dragos

    Great plugin! Is there a way to open the exported .wpress file and get certan files out, or modified?

    If yes, after the extraction, how can I compress files back to .wpress file?


  23. Abhishek Upadhyay

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    When I moved from Blogger to WordPress, it helped me a lot. I wonder what would happen if it was not there.

    Thanks for the tutorial devs 😉

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