Widgets are not translated after import (WPML)

After a successful import, some of you may encounter a problem with missing widget translations. WPML uses an identifier for each translation string, whereas All-in-One WP Migration replaces the Site URL on import. This unique identifier generates based on the translated string, and if that translated string contains the Site URL, as some of the HTML-based widgets do, the unique identifier must re-generate.

You can do this by directly running the SQL statements below in PHPMyAdmin or any other database client.

UPDATE wp_icl_strings SET name = CONCAT(‘widget title – ‘, MD5(value)) WHERE name LIKE ‘widget title – %’;
UPDATE wp_icl_strings SET name = CONCAT(‘widget body – ‘, MD5(value)) WHERE name LIKE ‘widget body – %’;

Please keep in mind that in your database, table wp_icl_strings may have different prefix (not wp_) so you need to adjust that.

After the above SQL statement executes, your widgets will translate correctly.


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