What to do when getting 404 – page not found after migration

After migration, you may encounter the 404 – page not found error for one of the following reasons:

  • You failed to save the permalinks after the migration.
  • An Apache server hosts your website, but it did not enable the mod_rewrite module.
  • The PopBox For Elementor plugin is enabled.

In such cases, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Enable the Apache’s mod_rewrite (you may need to contact your hosting provider about this).
2. Check to see if the PopBox For Elementor plugin is causing any problems. If it does, then:

  • Deactivate the PopBox For Elementor plugin.
  • Save the permalinks.
  • Activate the PopBox For Elementor plugin.

If you still have problems after making the changes described above, please contact us at support@servmask.com.


  1. Kenny Mui

    My current site uses default permalink structure e.g. /?p=123. If I am going to migrate it to other site name, can it be possible to change the permalink structure to a different one? If yes, could you tell me how to do it? Thank you very much!

  2. Mike Ellsworth

    I’m having problems after migrating using the Massive Dynamic theme. I did the “save permalinks twice” thing and things are fine except when I use the Massive Dynamic on page builder. The builder wants to add /&mbuilder=true after the post name, and that 404s. The theme authors say change the ampersand to a question mark, and that certainly works, but I can figure out a custom permalink that will do that. Builder works fine if done from the WP pages.

    Any ideas?


    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Mike,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      What is your PHP version?
      Can you edit your wp-config.php file and set WP_DEBUG to true?
      After doing this, please refresh your frontend and you should then see an error.
      Please reply with this error so that I can take a look.

  3. Tyler

    Immediately after exporting my wordpress install breaks and I can’t access any of the pages. I get a 404 page not found. I’m trying to migrate from an environment that is ssl encrypted onto mamp (local drive). I’ve never had problems before using non ssl sites so I assume its an ssl thing. We are also cacheing with cloudflare. I’ve disabled all my plugins and tried again and it still doesnt work. I’ve also checked that mod rewrite is on. Any ideas?

  4. Bill Ma

    Hi. I used the All-in-One migration tool and my homepage, posts and pages are showing up in my dashboard. But when I click on links or view the pages I am getting a 404 error. Here are the errors showing up when I turn on debug mode:

    Notice: Use of undefined constant WPE_CLUSTER_ID – assumed ‘WPE_CLUSTER_ID’ in /var/www/html/geb_sandbox/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/plugin.php on line 14 Notice: Use of undefined constant PWP_NAME – assumed ‘PWP_NAME’ in /var/www/html/geb_sandbox/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/wpe-sec.php on line 63 Notice: Use of undefined constant WPE_APIKEY – assumed ‘WPE_APIKEY’ in /var/www/html/geb_sandbox/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/plugin.php on line 877 Notice: Use of undefined constant PWP_NAME – assumed ‘PWP_NAME’ in /var/www/html/geb_sandbox/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/plugin.php on line 508 Notice: Use of undefined constant PWP_NAME – assumed ‘PWP_NAME’ in /var/www/html/geb_sandbox/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/class.deployment.php on line 17

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Bill,

      Can you make sure that you have mod_rewrite enabled on your Apache install?
      Also, are you using a default mu-plugin called wpengine-common? If not, you can remove it from wp-content/mu-plugins.

  5. Andre

    Hi there,

    I successfully migrated my site to a new URL using the plugin, but I am getting a 404 error everywhere as well. Because of the error, I couldn’t even access the dashboard to save the permalinks twice.

    Other than my homepage, I cannot access my site at all

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