Website broken after import

In rare cases, after importing a wpress file, your website might stop working. Please find below a list of possible causes and how to resolve them.

  1. You are using premium themes/plugins – check with the theme or plugin provider to ensure that your license allows you to use their product on more than one WordPress install. We’ve seen plugins and themes that will lock the WordPress after import because of the license of the product. You could disable the plugin to regain access to your install by:
    • Login to your server via FTP/SSH
    • Navigate to wp-content/plugins
    • Rename the plugin that you suspect might be breaking your website. I usually append a “disabled” word to the folder name. Here is an example, the plugin name is “wp-gallery”. I will rename it to “wp-gallery-disabled”.
    • Refresh the website after renaming the plugin or theme. If your website is still not working, keep on renaming the plugins until you find the culprit.
  2. Your PHP version is different between export and imported sites – most plugins/themes have been tested with a particular PHP version in mind. Make sure to use the same PHP version between the two sites or you might run into issues. If your website displays a blank page or 500 error, you can edit the wp-config.php and enable WP_DEBUG. Here is a guide how to do it: Once you enable WP_DEBUG, refresh the website and see if you get an error message. In most cases, a fatal error will be displayed. Note the location of the file that is triggering this error. You can attempt to fix it yourself if you know what you are doing or contact the plugin/theme author to help you with it.
  3. If you are getting a PHP file downloaded instead of being able to access your file it is because a theme or plugin is writing additional lines to your .htaccess file. You can delete the .htaccess file and gain access to your website.
  4. If you are still unable to determine the cause of the problem, our support team will come to the rescue. You can reach us at


  1. Deb

    I am trying to copy and paste wp all in one migration of a website theme from wpcrafter entitled: upload 60 minute website challenge. I have un-zipped it and trying to copy & paste into my wordpress site. Problem is this pop up:

    Unable to import

    Version 2.1.1 of All in One WP Migration introduces new compression algorithm. It makes exporting and importing 10 times faster.
    Unfortunately, the new format is not back compatible with backups made with earlier versions of the plugin.
    You can either create a new backup with the latest version of the plugin, or convert the archive to the new format using our tools here.

    I need help, as this is WAY over my knowledge base!

  2. Guillermo

    Hello, I receive the error every time I try to activate the plug-in, I have tried to by renaming the name using FTP and removing .htaccess file, but still happens, it was working before, then after the last update I cannot use it

    1. Lesley Arnold

      Hi Guillermo
      Could you follow step 4 and drop us an email at support at Could you let us know what error you get by sending us a screenshot?

  3. Nalin

    Hi there,

    My file has stopped uploading and is stuck at 90%

    Please advise what to do next as I am not able to move forward with my project

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Nalin,

      Sorry to hear that this is not going smoothly for you.
      If the import through “Import from File” is failing, you can upload your .wpress file via FTP to the folder wp-content/ai1wm-backups.
      To restore the file, please use the “Restore” button in the Backups section of the plugin.

      You can check out our video tutorial on for more details.

  4. Francois


    Does it make a difference if the installation folder is different on the new site than on the old site the export was done from?

    E.g. On the original site, the wordpress installation is in the root, but on the new site where we want to do the import, the wordpress installation is in

  5. Saroj Bhandari

    I have just tried to migrate website using all in one wp migration, and the whole process looks fine. i can see the backend/admin panel, and it all looks fine – but when you try to visit the frontend, the only thing showing is a blank white page.

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Saroj,

      What is your PHP version?
      Please edit your wp-config.php file and set WP_DEBUG to true.
      After doing this, refresh your frontend and you should then see an error. Kindly send us the error to


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