PHP 32bit

You are seeing this message because the file that you are attempting to import/export is larger than 2GB and you are using 32-bit PHP.

32-bit PHP does not support files larger than 2GB.

You can either:
1. (Recommended) Install 64-bit PHP. PHP version 7 is the first official version of PHP with 64-bit support for Windows and can be downloaded from PHP’s official website:
– or –
2. Reduce the size of your backup

If you need assistance with reducing the size of the backup you can email our support team:

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  1. Carlos Varela Miguel

    Hello Pim, thanks for answering. My operating system is Windows 10 64 bit and my WordPress localhost software is XAMPP Control Panel v3.2.2

  2. Fzal

    Hi, I am using PHP 7 on windows 7 64 Bit using Xampp but still having an error “Your PHP is 32-bit. In order to import your file, please change your PHP version to 64-bit and try again.” any help?

        1. Yani I

          No, we do not recommend people to delete their data.
          Instead, we recommend people to use PHP 64 bit.
          These are limits imposed by the PHP programming language.

  3. Oscar Gonzalez

    Hello, how do I solve this error, my backup for 4 GB.

    Unable to import Your PHP is 32 bits. To import your file, change your version of PHP to 64 bits and try again. Technical details.

    Thank you

  4. Manning Sutton

    Hi. I just purchased and am using the Unlimited version, and have had no problem with the backup of 1.98 GB, but continue to get the 512 MB maximum size error. I’m running on a LAMP stack on the Raspberry Pi, which uses a an ARM processor but 32-bit Raspbian OS. So, I can’t upgrade to the 64 bit PHP at the moment. If the 2GB size is the problem, what’s the easiest way to make smaller backups? Do I need to move a bunch of content (e.g, jpgs and mp4s) into my home directory, run the backup/restore, and then copy those files back to the appropriate directory?

    Thanks, and let me know the best approach.


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