Multisite Extension User Guide

The Multisite Extension requires the All-in-One WP Migration plugin installed and activated.

For more information on installing the tool, go to:

This tutorial includes information on how to:

1. Export and Import process steps common for all cases

1.1 Export with WordPress Multisite installation

The Export option in the All-in-One WP Migration plugin menu starts the export process for either an entire multisite network or a selection of one or more:

Once you’ve decided which sites to export, you can create an export archive as a file in your Backups directory, or you can save it to the cloud if you’re using a cloud extension:

When the download is complete, you will receive a message with the option to download your file locally.

1.2 Import with WordPress Multisite installation

The import procedure begins by selecting the Import option from the All-in-One WP Migration plugin menu:

Alternatively, you can restore an archive directly from the Backups page:

When the import process is complete, you will receive a reminder to save your permalinks.

2. Export a WordPress multisite network and import it to an existing one

2.1 Export a multisite network

On the Export page, you can specify what you want to include in your export:

Choose the “network (all sites)” option to export the entire network of subsites, as shown in the screenshot. The archive will then contain the entire network, including all of your subsites’ data. You can then choose where you want to export the site and begin the export process.

2.2 Import a multisite network

The imported file will be overwritten on the entire network during the import. The process will overwrite your database, media, plugins, and themes. Before overwriting your existing site, we recommend that you make a backup.

After the import begins, you will need to confirm:

Press the Proceed button to confirm the import. This will start the import process and will require no further confirmations.

3. Export a subsite from a multisite network and import it to a subsite

3.1 Export a subsite from a multisite network

To export a single subsite from your WordPress multisite network, go to the All-in-One WP Migration plugin export page and select it. After that, carry on with the export as usual. The process will generate an archive that only contains the selected subset and its data.

3.2 Import a subsite to a subsite of a WordPress multisite network

The imported file will replace all existing subsite data on a subsite that you choose to overwrite, including the database, media, plugins, and themes. This import will not affect the rest of your multisite network. Before proceeding, we recommend that you have a backup of your subsite.

For confirmation, the following message will display:

Following the confirmation step, you will receive a prompt to enter the URL for the imported site:

In the URL, enter the name of your newly imported subsite. If you choose to import to a new subsite, one that did not previously exist in your multisite network, the new subsite will be added to the network. Press Continue with the import.

4. Export several subsites and import them into an existing WordPress multisite network

4.1 Export several subsites from a multisite network

To export more than one subsite, go to the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin’s Export page and select each one by URL:

The selected subsites’ data will be added to the archive. The exported archive will only contain the subset data (media, plugins, database, and themes) and will not include data from the multisite network.

4.2 Import several subsites, but not a whole network

The imported subsites will overwrite databases, themes, plugins, and media in the subsites into which they are imported. The process will only affect the subsites chosen, not the entire multisite network. Before importing new subsites, we recommend that you make a backup of your existing subsites.

The following confirmation will appear:

After pressing the proceed button, you will receive a prompt to enter the URL for the destination of each newly imported subsite, one at a time:

After entering the last subsite’s URL and clicking continue, the import will begin.

5. Export a subsite from a multisite network and import it to an existing standalone site

5.1 Export a subsite from WordPress multisite network

The process of exporting a single subsite from an existing WordPress multisite network is identical to that described in part 3.1 of this tutorial. The export will generate an archive that only contains the selected subset and its data.

Select the subsite to export and begin the export from the All-in-One WP Migration plugin Export page.

The process will generate an archive that only contains the selected subsite and its data.

5.2 Import a subsite into standalone WordPress website

When you import a subsite into a standalone WordPress website, the imported subsite’s database, media, plugins, and themes replace those of your website. We strongly advise that you create a backup of your website before beginning the import process.

To confirm and continue with the import, click Proceed.

The import replaces your entire website with a subsite.

6. Export a standalone WordPress website and import it into a multisite network

6.1 Export a standalone WordPress website

Exporting a standalone website is simple with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin; simply choose your destination on the Export page to begin the export:

The plugin initiates the export and sends the archive to the specified location.

6.2 Import a WordPress standalone website to a multisite network

Importing a standalone WordPress website into a network of sites has no effect on the rest of the network; only the subsite that you overwrite, if any, is affected.

Press the Proceed button to confirm the import.

You will receive a prompt to enter the newly imported website name, which will be used in the URL:

The standalone site import will only replace the subsite’s database, media, themes, and plugins. The process has no effect on the multisite network as a whole. If you choose to import to a new subsite, it will be created and added to your multisite network’s subsite count. No data on your existing sites will be overwritten if you create a new subsite.


  1. John

    Subsite and Subdomain are two multisite specific terms.

    Subsite =;;

    Subdomain =;;

    Does your plugin work with subdomains?

    1. Anna Angelova

      Thank you for your question.
      Yes, our plugin supports subdomains during export and import with multisite extension.

  2. Camilo Buitrago

    After importing a subsite I changed the folder to be the root domain. Example:

    After doing this I lost access to the network as the super admin doesn’t work anymore.

    I was working in my local environment so there’s no problem but my plan was something like this:

    1. Import the first site and put it on the root domain
    2. Import the other two and put them as subfolders.
    3. Export the whole network.
    4. Install on the production server.

    How can I avoid losing access to the super admin because on the original site there’s no super admin because it is a normal WordPress install.

    1. Anna Angelova

      Thank you for your question.

      If you export from a standalone WordPress site you can import it as a subsite of the Multisite Network, and in that case
      you will lose access to the super admin.
      Can you please tell if you are importing the first site from a standalone WordPress site or from a Multisite Network subsite?

      Thank you in advance

  3. chris


    Can I:

    1/ Export from standard WP site and import as multisite subsite?

    2/ Export multisite subsite and import into standard (non multisite) WP site?

    Thanks, just checking 🙂

    1. Anna Angelova

      Thank you for your question.

      On 1/
      Yes, you can import a standalone WordPress site into a Multisite Network subsite – this is described in p.6 of the current User Guide.
      On 2/
      Yes, you can export a subsite from a Multisite Network and import it as a standalone. This is described in p. 5 of the current User Guide.

    1. Lesley Arnold

      Hi Cheryl
      The find and replace is an advanced function that you don’t need to use in a normal backup migration. It will replace all iterations of the term in the find box with the term in the replace box. It should be used with caution.
      Kind regards

  4. Chris Raudabaugh

    Is it possible to export and import on the same wordpress multisite cloning a site to a different domain. Eg. export and import into

    1. Lesley Arnold

      Hi Chris
      The plugin allows you to export a subsite of your choice and then import any backup of a subsite or standalone site in to your multisite network at the destination site of your choice.
      Kind regards

  5. L Dixon

    I have imported a standalone site into a multisite but it has changed to 2016 theme. I can make changes in Appearance > Customise and it says it’s saved but no changes are saved. Same in Settings – if I change settings (eg site name and strapline) I can’t save them.

    1. Lesley Arnold

      Hi L
      Can you email us at support at servmask dot com so that we can help to troubleshoot the issue?

  6. Boris Otasevic

    We are considering purchasing your multisite and dropbox extensions. Primarily to make duplicates of our single-site WP system to one multi-site WP system, periodically. Before we do that I would like to ask few questions:

    1. We don’t use default WordPress db table prefix (wp), but instead something else. Will that affect process of importing standalone WP as sub-site to multisite WP system?

    2. Do you have a list of plugins which might affect or create problems in migration process?

    3. Is it possible to set up scheduled backup process with cron job?

    4. Is it possible to have local (on server) backup file your plugin creates be deleted automatically, after preset period of time (X hours, days)?


    Boris Otasevic

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Boris,

      Thank you for getting in touch.
      That will not affect the process since the plugin detects the table prefix from wp-config.php file.
      We have our incompatible plugins listed here If you have any of them installed, just make sure you deactivate it before export.
      Our Dropbox Extension includes the auto-backup feature. Please check out
      The Retention Settings (on the Dropbox Settings page) can be configured to limit the numbers and the total size of the backups.

  7. christin

    We have WP multi site setup has sub domain and tables for sub domain in the same database.
    for Example:

    Above site does share same plugin and themes of wpms installation and same database. Now I want to export the above each site to standalone wordpress installation.

    Does your plugin work in this situation? I ask this question because of the screenshot you have posted only have sub site.

  8. Patricia

    Good Morning,

    I have a standalone site that needs to be migrated into a multisite. The site is fairly complex, it’s a virtual community of practice with over 300 users. We are using BuddyPress, BBpress, BuddyPress docs and several other plugins. Can your software handle a complex site? How are the users handled? All of our user’s profiles include xprofile types. Does the plugin retain author and editors posts or is a manual intervention necessary to associated users with posts and forum/topic replies? The multisite we’d be transferring this single site to is a brand new site. This site will be the only existing site transferred.

  9. robert


    1) with regards to standalone > multisite migration. What will happend with the plugins of the standalone site, if not part of the network?
    > we don’t want external plugins/themes to be added to our network..

    2) on our multisite we have mapped domains. we want to use your plugin to create a staging, but wihout mapped domains. How to go about this?

    mapped domain:

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Robert,

      1 – The active plugins will be imported and activated on the site.
      2 – During import, the plugin will ask you about site name, you can leave it as is to use the auto-specified site URL, or choose your own.
      There is nothing additional or custom that needs to be done.

      1. Dan Sudermann

        So if I understand correctly, even Plugins and Themes that are not enabled by the SuperAdmin of the network will be installed with this method? Will they be installed globally, so all subsites will then gain access to those plugins or how exactly are they imported?

        1. Yani I

          It depends on the content that you are exporting. If you are exporting a particular site then only themes and plugins that belong to that particular site will be included in the backup.

  10. Juli

    Hi there
    Just bought the multisite extension and wanted to ask the following:

    Can copy/clone Domain A to Domain B the following way
    Backup A without find/replace
    import in Domain B

    Do the multisite extension ask me for the new domainname on import?

  11. Dave Hooper

    Is there a way to import the main domain wordpress site? The subdomains I understand, but the actual domain is important in our network. I’d like to use a subdomain as a staging site and then export that and import it onto the (non subdomain) main domain.

    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Dave,

      Yes, you can import into the main site in the Multisite network.
      During the import process, you will be allowed to select an existing subsite, main site or new subsite that you want to import into.
      You will have to select the main site to be imported to.

  12. Steven

    Hi, I bought a copy of multisite plugin for a project. Most of my projects are single sites. Can I use the multisite plugin for just single sites? Just don’t want having to purchase two different plugins.


    1. Pim J. Iliev

      Hi Steven,

      Yes, you can install Multisite Extension on your single sites to allow unlimited file size upload and enable the “Restore” functionality.

  13. Pamela

    The changelog notes the following: v3.64 12/20/2018 Added:
    Added Export only users that belong to particular subsites on export

    This is of critical importance to my project – so I would like to confirm please that when exporting a multisite single blog to standalone installation, only those users associated to the single blog can be exported.

    Thank you!

  14. Chris Schwehm

    Hi, I did review the comments so far but I want to make sure this will do exactly what I need before purchasing. I have a multisite set up with several unique domains (e.g., domain2,edu, etc.) I want to migrate these domains one at a time to a new multisite server because the old server is very outdated. Will this tool allow me to do that with only exporting an individual domain from one server, importing to the new server and then updating the DNS record w/o having to edit any of the exported info?

  15. Yuta

    I purchased your Multisite Extension for WordPress 6month ago.
    But I stopped the subscription last week.
    Please let me know How long can it be used?

    Thank you very much.

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