Migration Instructions

If you are new to All-in-One WP Migration, you may want to check out our video tutorial for more details about how to export/import using All-in-One WP Migration to complete your WordPress migration.




  1. Shahidul

    Hi Pim,

    I have used your free plugin many times and I am very happy with it but all of the sites were below 512MB. I have a website now which size is 1.5GB+ and I need to migrate my website from one hosting to another. My question is, if I purchase your “Unlimited Extension” will I be able to migrate my website smoothly?


  2. Michael Brennan

    Hi I purchased the plugin extension to enable uploads of more than 512 MB with All I One Migration, but as yet do not know how to install and use it, your guidance would be much appreciated.

    Thank’s Mickyb.

    1. Pim J

      Hi Mickyb,


      The following is how to install the Unlimited Extension;
      On your dashboard, click Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > choose the Unlimited Extension (.zip file that you have downloaded).

      1. Michael Brennan

        .Hi Pim J, Thank you for your reply, just to be clear, do I uninstall the free A,I,O,M Plugin ? first, or leave both installed ?.
        if both installed do I need to connect them in any way ? I have attempted with both installed and could still not upload over the 512MB limit, this confusion on my part is why I contacted you in the first place (sorry to be a numb nut).

        Regards, Mickyb.

  3. maw

    Hi …everything went well till ..Your Data has been imported successfully! ..BUT since i clicked on permanent links … I get this msg …This site can’t provide a secure connection… the site is completely blank .. could not login as normal …and all i could get is this This site can’t provide a secure connection ..or This site can’t provide a secure connection

    http://www.webberry.net sent an invalid response.

  4. salil

    Quick question… I purchased the multisite extension – is it possible to backup and restore a single site within a multisite without affecting other sites in the network?

    1. Pim J

      Hi Salil,

      Yes, it is possible.
      On import/restore, the plugin will not overwrite your entire network. During the import process, you will be allowed to select the subsite where the site will be imported to or create a new subsite. You can also run an export of your entire network as a backup before import.

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