File Extension Changelog

VersionReleased DateChange log
Use site timezone when displaying time in emails
Set archive offset on backup download.
Added Contact Support link to plugins page.
Upgraded nodejs to 14.15.
Added function to check whether current running export/import.
Added Disk Space checking.
Fixed size_format 0 B bug.
Preventing direct access to files.
WPCLI PHP 7.3 compatibility fix.
Add Copyright (C) 2014-2019 ServMask Inc.
Verify extensions compatibility before uploading backup file.
Added install instructions and user guide to the readme.txt inside the plugin.
Added install instructions on page under Download button.
Added User Guide link on the plugin list page.
File Extension.


    1. Pim J. Iliev

      If the plugin is stuck at “Restoring X% files”, “Restoring Database” or “Activating mu-plugins”;
      1. While on “Restoring X% files”, “Restoring Database” or “Activating mu-plugins”, leave the plugin running for another 15 minutes.
      2. After 15 minutes, open another tab of your website to see the homepage if it has been imported or if there is an error.

      If you get a 500 error, please edit your wp-config.php file and set WP_DEBUG to true then refresh the homepage and you should see the error.
      This may help you to determine the problem, or you can share the error with us at and let us know what your PHP version is to give you support on fixing it.

  1. Malik Srwar

    hi Pim J. Iliev
    i hope your are doing well.
    i have recently created a backup of my website with all in one wp migration plugin and downloaded it and saved it. Now i m importing the file but every time it says that file is not supported.
    Please help me i m so much worried about it. My client will not be happy if it does not work thank you so much for your assistance in advance.

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