Access Level Settings for Cloud-based Extensions

In order to successfully use your cloud-based extensions, you need to link them to your account. This article discusses the access-level options you have for linking to your account. The access level option is currently available for Google Drive and Dropbox Extensions only.

To link to your cloud-based account, you need to go to the settings page of the extension. For example, if you use the Google Drive Extension, go to Google Drive Settings.

From here you should see 2 access-level options for integrating to your cloud-based account. For Google Drive Extension, you will see this:

Google Drive

For Dropbox Extension, you will see this:


Here’s what each option means.

Full Drive Access

This grants the plugin access to your entire cloud storage account. This means you can navigate to and manage all other folders in your account.

App Folder Access

This restricts access to the plugin to only the folder you specify. This helps to ensure that the plugin only manages files within a particular folder.

For Dropbox Extension, when you choose the “App Folder Access” option, you can still access the backups when you log in to your Dropbox account.

However, note that choosing this method for Google Drive Extension will mean that the files (backups) will not be visible (and accessible) from anywhere else outside our extension (including Google Drive web/app UI). You can only view your list of backups from our extension on your website. If you need to free some space in your Google Drive account, we recommend turning on retention settings. If you want to delete all the files(backups) created by us in your account, you can do that from the settings page of your Google Drive account by going to -> Manage apps -> Options -> Delete hidden app data as shown below:


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