Feature list for All-in-One WP Migration

We’ve been getting various feature requests. We consider every single one very carefully. Our primary goal is to make a feature rich product that is extremely user-friendly and super easy to use.

Our top priority for this quarter is to add backup profiles to All-in-One WP Migration. Backup profiles will let you schedule a backup of the website that will run in the background usually when there is the least load on your website. Our extensions already include this feature but we strongly feel it belongs to the free version. The extensions will keep offering the ability to save the backups to a cloud storage or FTP.

The next common feature request is to password protect the wpress archive. This will make it impossible to import the file without the correct password. We thought about this and we decided to postpone the feature for now. There are a couple reasons:

  1. Encrypting a large file takes a lot of computational power. Most hosting providers offer limited resources. It will takes very long time to encrypt a large archive.
  2. Cloud storages are encrypted – whenever you export your wpress file to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Mega etc, the file will be encrypted in your own vault and you will be the only person who has the key to it.

If your use case still requires that the file is password protected, we recommend to encrypt the wpress file and decrypt it before importing.


  1. Dan Woodman

    Have you thought about integrating with Zapier? I’d love to see integration there and be able to customize notifications, store backup data via a Google Sheet, etc. Not sure exactly what would be involved, but just a thought. (Zapier is a system I use quite often for many of the tools I use.)

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