What to do when you get “There was a problem while reaching your server.”

You can try the following steps to resolve issues with reaching your server.

  • Check whether your WordPress has any kind of firewall or security plugin like Simple Firewall or Wordfence Security and disable them temporarily during the migration. They will be migrated and you can activate them again after migration.
  • Check .htaccess (it is in the WordPress root directory) file and remove or comment out (add a #) to statements like
    deny from
    where is the IP address of your server. You can check what your server’s IP address is by using http://www.getip.com/ or you can open a Command Prompt or Terminal and run “ping your_domain_name” and the IP address will be shown as an output








  • If your site is password protected or is behind an HTTP Basic Authentication you have to configure username/password on the plugin “Backups” page, on the right sidebar.http_basic_authentication

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