Migrating content built with Divi builder

There were questions related to the Divi builder plug-in and especially about minified CSS. Are there problems exporting and importing this static file? In this article I will explain what to do if you want to export or import without any problems on your website with an existing static CSS file created by this plug-in.

In order to be able to see this static file, you have to be sure that the options from the plug-in are enabled (pictures).
When you are sure of this, you can create the static file. With Divi builder you can add additional CSS using their visual builder. When you enable it, you will be able to edit every container created with the Divi builder plug-in on your page. When you click on “Settings -> Advanced,” you will be able to see a couple of options. From there you can add your custom CSS or some CSS ID and classes. When you add your code and click on the save button, everything will be stored in your database. After that, the plugin will take care of getting all the classes and IDs or custom CSS codes and generate a static CSS file for you and load it on your page.

Something important that you should know is the location of this file generated from them. The file is stored in your wp-content/cache folder. This means that it is important for you not to exclude the cache folder from export. As you know, there is such an option on the export page when you click on advanced options. It will guarantee you that this static file will be included in your wpress file. After import, the file will be in the right place, and you should not have a problem with your CSS.

The second important thing for you is that you should not export your website with an excluded database. As I mentioned before, every custom CSS, class or ID is inserted in your database. If you exclude the database from the export, we can’t move those CSS values to your new website, and you will experience problems with the loading of your static file.

And one more thing. Do not export your website without cache and database at the same time! In this case, you will see that your static file will not move and also that your custom styles will be not in the database. This means that the Divi builder plugin will generate a file for you but without your changes from the exported site.

So simple, right? Just follow these simple steps, and we will take care of the rest.

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