Migrating content built with Divi builder

Migrating content built with Divi builder

ServMark is frequently asked questions about the Divi builder plug-in, particularly about minified CSS and whether there are any issues exporting and importing this static file. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the program that makes your website look good.To make your web pages more visually stunning, your browser sends the programming to them.. The following article explains how to easily export or import existing static CSS files created by the Divi builder plug-in.

You must enable the picture options in the plug-in in order to see the static CSS file. When you’re certain, you can make a static file. You can add more CSS to the Divi builder plug-in by using the visual creator. Once enabled, you will be able to edit any container created on your page using the Divi builder plug-in.

Selecting “Settings” and then “Advanced” brings up a menu of options. You can customize your site by adding custom CSS, CSS IDs, and classes. The plug-in will cultivate all of the classes, IDs, or custom CSS codes and generate a static CSS file for you to load on your page. Everything saves in your database when you enter your code and click “Save.”

It is critical that you are aware of the location of the file that is created as a result of them. The file saves in the wp-content/cache directory. This means that you must not exclude the cache folder from the export. You may be aware that advanced options are available on the export page; ensure to include the file in your WordPress file. After importing, the file will be in the correct location, and you should have no problems with your CSS.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you should never export your website with an excluded database. Each custom CSS, class, or ID adds to your database. If you exclude the database from the export, you won’t be able to move those CSS values to your new website, and loading your static file will be problematic.

One final important thing to remember; do not export your website without the cache and database at the same time. That means your static file will not move, and your custom styles will not store in the database. This means that the Divi builder plug-in will create a file for you that is identical to the exported site.

Simply follow these simple steps, and Divi Builder will handle the rest.

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