Invalid backup file

You are seeing this message because the file that you are trying to load is not recognised as a WordPress backup. It is not valid or does not have .wpress extension.

Please make sure that the file was created by exporting with the All in One WP Migration plugin.

If you have a file that was provided to you to load a demo or theme, please make sure that it is extracted from the zip file.

You can test .wpress files before importing using our analyser tool at If the file loads to 100% then it is OK to import.

If you have a file that is valid in traktor but will not load, please email our customer service team:

Support hours


  1. hoàng

    Mình đã tải export ra file tải về máy có đuôi .wpress . Tại sao khi import lên
    sau khi mất 2 h cho việc tải tập 207MB . Thì lại báo lỗi ” Tệp sao lưu không hợp lệ”

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