Incompatible Plugins

Conflicts between plugins and themes are fairly common. There are several reasons for this behavior, including poorly coded plugins/themes, plugins/themes that do not support the installed PHP version, conflicts with a WordPress version, and so on.

While processing export and import, we discovered that the following plugins are incompatible with our All-in-One WP Migration product. To avoid problems, you should deactivate them before exporting or importing:

  • CloudFlare
  • WordPress HTTPS
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Relative URL

For WP CLI only:

  • Force HTTPS (SSL Redirect & Fix Insecure Content)

Only for All-in-One WP Migration Google Drive, All-in-One WP Migration Google Cloud, and All-in-One WP Migration Mega Extension:

  • HTTP / HTTPS Remover: SSL Mixed Content Fix

Before creating a backup, it is always a good idea to deactivate all of your plugins and themes. This can help to avoid many potential issues that may arise when importing the created backup on another website, such as PHP version, plugin and theme compatibility, and so on.

Please leave your comments below if you find any plugins that are preventing our All-in-One WP Migration from working properly.


  1. sue

    Current version of Cornerstone (X theme) and Visual Composer seem to be conflicting with this excellent plugin.
    I couldn’t run export to dropbox until I disabled them. I disabled those plugins last after disabling everything else and trying each time.
    I’m hoping you can fix the conflict.

    1. Pim J

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you so much for the information provided.
      I have added Page Builder plugins to the list and will see what the engineers can do in the future versions.

  2. Marco

    I had problems with the Plugin: Nextend Accordion Menu (
    After activating the plugin, some accordion menus didn’t show up any more or had css problems (the accordion feature was gone and all menu items showed up, the navigation didn’t work any more). After deactivating your plugin and resetting the cache of the accordion menus I got it work again after some struggling. Hope you can fix it soon because we have a lot of these menus on our website.

    1. Pim J

      Hi Marco,

      Thank you for reporting us the issue with Nextend Accordion Menu plugin.
      Is it possible for you to contact us directly to support at as the engineers would like to hear/get more information about the issue?

  3. Anthony T


    First off, awesome plugin.

    Secondly, I have a client that is migrating without access to FTP or cPanel so I resorted to this plugin but it won’t let me export the Media Library. I don’t know why all these plugins are being used but whatever…

    I tried deactivating WPBakery Visual Composer but no luck and I don’t have time to debug it.

    Error: /homepages/29/d412779409/htdocs/therealexclusive/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/storage/5ml79x123n4l/

    List of plugins:
    – Acunetix WP Security
    – Advanced Custom Fields
    – Advanced Custom Fields: Coordinates
    – Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field
    – Akismet
    – Customer Conversion Tracker
    – Envato WordPress Toolkit
    – Jetpack by
    – LayerSlider WP
    – Regenerate Thumbnails
    – Selz
    – WooCommerce
    – WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
    – WordPress Importer
    – WP Editor
    – WP Maintenance Mode
    – WPBakery Visual Composer
    – Yoast SEO

  4. Mark van Iterson

    Hi there, I’ve used this plugin in the past a few times with success. No I find myself staring at a 0% complete pop-up. I tried deactivating almost all plugins:

    -Loco Translate
    -Salient Visual Composer (by WPBakery modified by Themenectar)
    -WP super Cache

    I’m left with only the Akismet, Yoast & your plugin.

    Any suggestions??

    1. Pim J

      Hi Mark,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      What is the site URL that you are exporting?
      What hosting is it hosted with?

  5. Roberto Villela Martins Junior

    Pre-Sales question: in the directory, information is that we have a 5GB limit with PRO version… but in your website information says that we can import files up to 5TB (on main page) and in the Unlimited Extension page, no limits are informed…

    I have an actual 5.2GB backup and my question is if the Unlimited Extension can handle with this size…

    Thanks for all hard work!

    1. Pim J

      Hi Roberto,

      Thank you so much for reaching out.
      Yes, the Unlimited Extension can handle with the size.
      We have had a user with over 64GB backup successfully import his site using our plugin.

  6. JG

    I’m getting this message and not sure what to do

    Version 2.1.1 of All in One WP Migration introduces new compression algorithm. It makes exporting and importing 10 times faster.
    Unfortunately, the new format is not back compatible with backups made with earlier versions of the plugin.
    You can either create a new backup with the latest version of the plugin, or convert the archive to the new format using our tools here.

  7. Zinnah

    Hi, I discovered my mistake – I exported my file through wp-tool instead of exporting through all-in-one-wp-migration. I have now exported my files through all-in-one and imported my files through all-in-one. Problem solved

  8. Roland Szanyi

    I’m run in to the “unable to import” issue. After turn of the WPBakery Visual Composer, it’s work like a charm!

    What a satisfying plugin, I was rabbit whit my site migration for a months… You don’t have to! Just use All-in-One WP Migration!

    Thank you for the easy work!

  9. Mark

    If i disable visual composer and wpml plugins and export, i lose all data created with these plugins after i open exported website on another host?

    1. Pim J

      Hi Mark,

      You will not lose the data when those plugins are deactivated since the plugin still exports your entire wp-content over to the new site.

  10. Steve

    I use most of these plugins and they are essential. What am I suppose to do deactivate them temporarily before a backup? What i s the best practice here and why is your plugin so incompatible with so many standard plugins?

    1. Pim J

      Hi Steve,

      You can try exporting to see if the plugin works before deactivating those plugins.
      If the plugin does not work, then start deactivating them one by one.

  11. Ruth Brennan

    I’ve deactivated all of my plugins … purchased the ultimate plugin and still can’t export my wordpress site. Can you advise?

    Trying to export from (a development site) to a new server.

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