File Extension User Guide


File Extension User Guide

Our free All-in-One WP Migration File Extension expands the functionality of the All-in-One WP Migration plugin by connecting it to the Import Site’s Import from File Option. The extension allows you to directly import a website or network of sites between your All-in-One WP Migration File Extension and your website.

The tool functions as an add-on to the plugin. To successfully import your WordPress backup, you must first install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

This tutorial contains details of:

  • Import using File Extension

Import using All-in-One WP Migration File Extension

When you try to import, you should see the following message on the Import Site: Import from the file is available via a free extension. Download it here.

You should see a notification to download it here. Please click the link to go to

Download the All-in-One WP File Extension to upload files up to 512 MB in size. Please install the All-in-One WP Migration File Migration to your site after downloading the All-in-One WP Migration.  For more details about installing the tool, you can visit:

After activating our All-in-One WP Migration File Extension, you should be able to upload a 512MB WordPress backup.

You can now Import your backup with a maximum upload file size of 512 MB after receiving this notification. Using the dropdown menu on this page, you can choose where you want to import a backup:

Except for “File,” all options in the dropdown menu should be used in conjunction with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin and the corresponding extension. For more information about available extensions, please visit

If you select “File,” the plugin will open a window displaying your local files and folders and allowing you to select a backup to import. This option is very useful if you have a backup that is not in Backups and you need it imported as quickly as possible.

Choosing a backup to restore initiates the import process:

The import process includes an additional step that warns you that the new backup will overwrite your website’s database, media, plugins, and themes.

This is the final step in which you can cancel the process. After clicking “Proceed,” you will be unable to halt the import process. The length of time required for the import process is determined by the size of your website’s data.

When finished, a successful import will show the following message:

It is recommended that you click on the Permalinks Settings link and save your permalinks twice to generate the.htaccess file and save the files safely.

Please keep in mind that the free community product All-in-One WP Migration supports imports of backups smaller than 512MB as well as the Restore WordPress Backup. This message appears on the Import page and includes a link to the All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension. It enhances the plugin’s functionality by allowing it to import larger backups:

For more information about All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension, please refer to

After you’ve migrated your site, you’ll need to log in with the username and password from the imported site. As a result, your old site’s users and passwords will migrate to the new site. As a result, you must use these credentials.



  1. Eric

    I am having an error- Can’t save permalinks

    Your data has been imported successfully!
    You need to perform two more steps:
    1. You must save your permalinks structure twice. Permalinks Settings

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-login.php? was not found on this server.

  2. laurent

    Hello, I have a AWS EC2 server with a WP image. I also purchased the All-in-one Unlimited Extension.
    When I want to import my backup file, it says:

    Maximum upload file size: 2 MB.
    How-to: Increase maximum upload file size or Get unlimited

    Even with the Unlimited plugin activated, I cannot import my 200Mb website.

    Can you please help here? Or is there a contact email?


  3. carlos astiz

    Hello, I have exported correctly from the origin.
    the file obtained is 374MB
    I have installed the ALL IN ONE MIGRATION plugin
    Then I installed the ALL IN ONE MIGRATION FILE EXTENSION plugin
    The destination WP is a completely clean installation.
    When trying to import the file does not advance of 0.0% and finally says that it could not be exported.
    what is the problem?

  4. Mark

    I’m having an import issue. I’m trying to bring a copy of my live site into staging site and while the import meter hits 100%, i then get an error message reading “Unable to import”

    My max upload is around 430 MB and my file being imported is 327. I recently updated the All in One WP MIgration plugin too, so that’s up to date.

    I have a screen cap of the error message. My staging site has almost no plugins active due to it being recently created.

  5. Christine

    I love the All in One Migration plugin. I use it all the time. I have a client that is hosting via Network Solutions and they are awful. My site export is about 470M and I’ve increased my php limits to accept this file. It gets to about 3-4% and stalls. I contacted Net Sol about it and they simply want me to hire one of their professionals to migrate the site. I said no way because when they did that the last time they installed a bunch of garbage along with WordPress. Anyone else have issues with Network Solutions and found a workaround? I hate going old school but looks like I’ll have to ftp all my files, then database, then import settings. What a pain. Man, I hate Network Solutions.

  6. John Theobald

    Hi the plugin works well on export, but hangs up on import, stalling at aprox 50%

    File size is 175 MB (the extension is installed)

    I have modified the php.ini file as follows
    -memory_limit is set to 256M
    -max_execution_time is set to 500
    -mysql.connect_timeout is set to 400

    I’m using WP 4.9.9 with PHP 7

    Any suggestions ?

    Thank you

  7. Alex T

    I love your product. It makes it so easy to migrate from Dev to Production, and we do a lot of that. I just wanted to thank you.

  8. Jason T

    My exported file size is 400MB. I’m trying to import it into a GoDaddy WordPress site. I installed the plugin on a brand new installation but it restricts the max file size to only 100MB. I spoke with GoDaddy who instructed me on how to increase my max upload file size to 500MB by creating a .user.ini with the line “upload_max_filesize = 500M” – but your plugin still only accepts a max file size of 100MB. So I’m still stuck with the plugin refusing to accept my 400MB file because its too big. I confirmed the max upload file size on my site IS 500M so my ini file change has taken effect, it just for some reason doesn’t control the setting specific to this plugin. Is there some other way I can get at this 100M setting?

    1. Yani I

      Please read these this guide: How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

      The easiest way to figure out the problem is to request error logs from your hosting provider for your website, then examine them around the time when you tried to upload the file.
      You will see what limit you have encountered and increasing it will solve the issue.

      The settings in PHP that you likely need to adjust are:

      • `upload_max_filesize` – set this to a value > than your backup
      • `post_max_size` – set this to a value > than your backup
      • `memory_limit` – set this to a value > than your backup
      • `max_execution_time` – set this to 0 (infinite)
  9. Sapphire Initiative

    I’m unable to export to file. The error msg I receive is:

    Unable to export
    Unable to run the export. Refresh the page and try again

    Any suggestions?

  10. Robert Attanasio

    I just used the plugin for the first time, it seems to work fine but its been stuck at 100% import green bar with no errors for a while.. Please advise

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